Jamaity & partners united for a better social society

Communiqués de Presse

Jamaity is a project that aims to create a suitable environment for the development of CSOs in Tunisia. It is because we believe that the Tunisian civil society can change things that Jamaity was born as an initiative of the British Council and the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights (EMHRN) in partnership with the European Union.

Jamaity is an associative, interactive and participatory platform that brings together CSOs in the same space to facilitate their networking, give them access to information and opportunities available for them.

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

Objective 1: Collect and disseminate information on associations and technical and financial partners.

Objective 2: Facilitate networking and communication between the associations and the technical and financial partners.

The expected results and activities are as follows:

Outcome 1: Reliable, updated contact of CSO and Technical and Financial Partners are grouped into a single platform.

Activité1.1: The establishment of a data collection process

Activities 1.2: The establishment of a directory of CSOs and TFPs.

1.3 Activities: The establishment of an agenda bringing together the events of the civil society.

1.4 Activities: The establishment of a geographical database of the interventions of TFP in Tunisia.

Activity 1.5: The establishment of a geographical database  of the CSOs in Tunisia.

Activity 1.6: The establishment of a resource center for civil society.

Activité1.7: Creating an online platform that would be interactive and easy to access

Outcome 2: Mechanisms of communication between associations and PTFs are implemented.

Activity 2.1: The generation of relevant content for civil society (articles, newsletter, surveys, training materials …)

Activity 2.2: Communicate about emerging and innovative initiatives of civil society

Activity 2.3: Ensure the evolution of the platform to a social network (to create a continuous interaction between stakeholders).

Activity 2.4: Organization of an annual forum between CSOs and TFPs


Detailed presentation:

To create a suitable environment for the development of CSOs in Tunisia, Jamaity project aims to create a dynamic and interactive platform to foster the communication and the  networking between them.

The platform was launched in January 2014, with the support of various stakeholders. Indeed, the Delegation of the European Union in Tunisia has promoted and supported the phase of implementation of the platform through meetings with TFPs to present and collect funding for the project. It has also mobilized its expertise to the development of  geographical basis of TFPs interventions in Tunisia. The British Council has also actively participated in the launch of the platform both through technical support and through the promotion and the involvement of other project stakeholders on the other. The Mediterranean Network for Human Rights, meanwhile, pledged to administratively and legally carry the project and ensure, in coordination with the EU and the BC the management and monitoring of the project.

To meet the first objective, Jamaity links its activities to collecting data from CSOs and TFPs. On one hand, this collection aims to gather as much information as possible about the CSOs

On the other hand, it aims to gather information on the TFPs: their missions, priorities,  funding procedures, reports and publications as well as calls for proposals.

Following the collection process, the information collected should be processed and verified before the release.

Moreover, Jamaity aims to promote networking and communication between CSOs and TFPs in order to form a more structured and active civil society.

To do so, Jamaity encourage the sharing of experiences and good practices of civil society through the content produced in the platform. This will allow them to connect, share and learn from each other. This content will be defined after the collection of the needs of organizations in terms of requested information.

Thereafter the platform will be transformed into a social network. An evolution that will be made gradually through the content delivery and the creation of a forum of discussion

This will allow these stakeholders to play their active role while maximizing collaboration among CSOs.

An annual forum will also be organized in order to bring together civil society while promoting existing and emerging projects and initiatives. This forum will provide an opportunity to identify, through a series of workshops with TFPs, the priorities of civil society.

The actors present in this annual meeting will be selected following an on field mapping in Tunis and in the regions.